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Affordable Christian Counseling means working on those areas in your life that need to be changed without having to go to the bank for a loan in order to achieve psychological health. Don't let your high deductible level exclude you from receiving Christian Counseling.

What is Psychological Health?

We have spent many years working with our military Service Members and their families as they contended with the cycle of being deployed, coming back and being deployed again. As you can imagine, their service to our country impacted every area of their life. Working closely with these individuals, reinforced for us that our daily life consists of four main areas: biological, social, spiritual and psychological - with a lot of overlap between them. 

We view psychological health as a holistic approach to wellness - recognizing we were created to be an integration of mind, body, and spirit. Difficulties in any one or more of these areas can have a major impact on other areas. Psychological health is achieved with balance in these four areas.

When Should a Person Seek Assistance? The Lump Theory

I (Jerry) used to work as a surgical nurse and often assisted with cancer surgery. Most cancers start as a small group of cells that can grow to produce a noticeable lump. If caught early enough, the cancer can be stopped in its tracks. In our daily life we can have early warning signs, lumps if you will, starting in any of the four areas mentioned above. These can spread into other areas and infect how you view yourself and/or others. For instance, there may be a situation in the social aspect of your life where a relationship has gone bad, such a divorce, unforgiveness, hurt by a friend, etc. Soon you notice you don’t want to associate with others, your appetite has gone away, sleep is impossible, you’re grumpy and irritable and it seems life is spiraling downward. It doesn’t take long for all four areas of your daily life to be affected.  

It may be time to do something about these signs and look for a change.

Need a Change?

Often the longer we wait to do something about the warning signs, the more entrenched the problem becomes in all aspects of life. Perhaps there is a lot of uncertainty in your life and you feel like you’re in a giant maze. Our experience reveals that often changing one area of life, (such as emotions, behaviors, relationships, or spiritual direction) can help you bring back the psychological health that was once enjoyed.

How CAN a Counselor Help?

You can think of a counselor as someone who comes along side of you and helps you sort out the changes you want to make. Often this involves giving you a new perspective on an issue, or developing new skills to approach old problems in a new way. Maybe you need someone to be more directive and point out things you just can’t see.

Wrong Results?

We often hear “I tried counseling and it just didn’t work,” or "counseling is just too expensive," especially from men. Perhaps the problem was you weren’t getting the results you were looking for after just one session. No matter who the counselor is, try to give it at least 2 to 3 sessions before you leave counseling with that individual. 

However, research shows that the best predictor of a positive outcome is being connected to your counselor. One way to avoid future conflicts is to interview several counselors before starting counseling sessions. We recommend you briefly describe your problem and ask the counselor how much experience they have with that problem. Ask them what their approach to your problem would be. Also ask them how they know when someone is done with counseling. You are listening for two things: the first is the actual answers the counselor gives you; and the second is how they answer you. Do you like what you hear and do you think you can connect with the therapist? 

You have a right to be proactive in your counseling.

The Bottom Line

The military has a credo of leaving no one behind. Affordability is one aspect. Finding the right counselor to come alongside you as you work through some things in your life goes a long way toward having, and maintaining, psychological health.

Email us at [email protected] Mention you saw this website and what you would like to change about yourself as the result of counseling. We would be glad to come alongside of you.