Coulee Region Counseling & Consulting, LLC

Distinctive Christian Counseling

Biblical Counseling

At Coulee Region Counseling & Consulting, we are focused on providing affordable, quality Christian Counseling. We use approaches that have been proven effective with issues such as marital problems, infidelity, sexual addiction, parenting issues, depression and anxiety. These problems have a major impact on your relationships. We believe spirituality is an important area to address and is necessary for well-being.

We understand the perceived stigma many Christians have concerning seeking professional help and have experience working with a wide variety of religious backgrounds. We also have extensive experience working with military personnel and their families as they transition through the deployment cycle.

We may also be able to offer a unique perspective to your problems. As a Registered Nurse since 1982, Jerry understands the stress and pressures endured by medical personnel, as well as individuals and families going through medical conditions. We also have insight with regards to adoption and foster parenting having spent twenty years as foster parents with over 70 children spending varying amounts of time in our home.

If you have any comments or questions, contact us at [email protected] We hope to see you again! 

Why us?

We are both licensed therapists and have been married for over 40 years. Together we have encouraged married couples for over 30 years through seminar presentations and counseling.

Jerry has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a Master's in Biblical Counseling. He also serves as Pastor of Marriage and Family Ministries in a local church.

Kristi has a Master's degree as a Professional Counselor. She is also co-director of New Image Women's Ministry.

We have 6 grown children, 13 grandchildren and enjoy spending our free time together with our family.